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Margaret, you are amazing! Thank you so much for all of your wisdom, enthusiasm, and support you have given us during the course – it is life-changing.
Carol – ’10 steps to fuel your vitality’ course participant.

I started the course, not knowing what to expect, so I really didn’t have any goals. Over the course, my goals were to become healthy, and if I lost weight as a result that was all good. I have found that I have had so much more energy. My clothes are now hanging on me, so time for a new wardrobe! People have said to me that I look good. The course was very informative, I enjoyed it immensely. Margaret is a very good motivator. I would recommend Margaret to anyone that wants to improve their energy levels, health and wellbeing.
Angela – ’10 steps to fuel your vitality’ course participant.

By the end of Margaret’s 10 step course, I was so encouraged and informed that I wanted to eat healthier and also more raw foods. I now just love my smoothies and even eat raw foods for breakfast which was unheard of before the course! My daughter has also come on board and loves the new ideas and has become more of a health freak she says! I have more energy, have lost weight, feel more confident and more inspired and will now give anything a try. Margaret is gentle and passionate about her cause, so approachable, encouraging and excited to see people change for the better. She is so accepting and non-judgemental.
Kerryn – ’10 steps to fuel your vitality’ course participant.

Margaret, thanks for giving so much of yourself in the most enlightening, wonderful, inspirational, informative and life-changing course!!
Jane – ’10 steps to fuel your vitality’ course participant.

A lovely client with Type 2 diabetes…
Since doing your course, I am super stoked to say that my HbA1c blood result has almost halved in the last 3 months. It was 93, which is in the dangerous zone. I am pleased to say my number is now 57. I’m now working on getting this down to the low 50’s. I have been feeling so much more energy overall and am so pleased to have managed my blood glucose levels. I have also lost 4 kgs. I want to continue eating whole foods, not processed ones. I am now feeling better on the inside. No bloating and feeling slightly ‘yucky’ anymore. I feel this is directly from Margaret’s diet and lifestyle advice. Margaret is an encouraging, supportive person. She is very knowledgeable and is very passionate about health.
Trish – 49 years. ’10 steps to fuel your vitality’ course participant.
While doing the course and afterwards, Trish monitored her blood sugar levels many times a day. She was also under medical and diabetes nurse supervision. Check your country’s healthy HbA1C ranges as they may differ to those in NZ.
Update –  Just over 1 year after finishing the course Trish’s HbA1c is now 52.

Thank you for all your time and planning in running your course. When I was invited along I did not quite know what to expect. However, I was soon hooked and did not want to miss a session. Your enthusiasm and passion showed through in your wise presentation. I personally found the whole course very informative and really enjoyed the circle of life (finding balance in our life) session – plus all the food tasting! Thank you also for all your encouraging emails full of extra information. When I first gave my husband a spinach/pear/mint, smoothie he told me he was not a horse!  He now enjoys them just like me plus my more adventurous salads. Blessings and much thanks, you are so appreciated!
Sue – ’10 steps to fuel your vitality’ course participant.

Wonderful green smoothies

 I have been so inspired by your food course. To encourage you, I just wanted to note some of the changes I have made to my diet over the last few weeks. I have been made aware of the downside of eating certain foodstuffs that I had never really considered before. I am much more able to make the right, informed choices about what my family should eat in the future. So I now have buckwheat and vege/berry smoothies for breakfast. Salad for lunch – I did this before but have added seeds, nuts, quinoa. I eat lots more green veges with dinner – have cut out coffee completely from my diet – yes! I didn’t think that would be possible… I drink far more water. I now enjoy eating alternatives to gluten and dairy. So, many, many thanks for your help and advice, and I wish you well in your future ventures.  You are extremely encouraging and non-condemnatory, which means people can be guided by you to make life-changing decisions concerning lifestyle and health.
Ann – ’10 steps to fuel your vitality’ course participant.

I had the privilege of having 1 on 1 health coaching with Margaret. It was life changing. Margaret was supportive and non-judgmental. She guided me through the transition to a wheat free lifestyle with an emphasis on whole foods. I lost weight and felt so well. I have comments from friends and family members on how well I look and how good my skin looks. A year on and I still maintain this healthy lifestyle, my family also embraces it. I can’t thank Margaret enough for her advice, support and  resources, she is a credit to her profession.
Natasha – 1:1 health coaching client.

Regarding the group skype call – I thought it was fabulous. I love the way to you ran the call, and encouraged participation from everyone. You have such a lovely supportive nature, I can’t imagine anyone not feeling safe with you. Would have loved to have known you before I had my children and had your support throughout!
Bronwyn Hudson – Health Coach

Re: Previous Childbirth Education role – 6 years:
Margaret was always well received by the participants of the group. Feedback from evaluations of her class was very positive. Her teaching skills were of a very high standard. Participants were made to feel welcome. Margaret was really dedicated to the role that she had.
Helen Ngatai, Midwife Manager Community, Waitemata District Health Board.

 Margaret Mason-Battley RN Health Coach