“The future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams!”

QUOTE Photo of the sun rising - beautiful

I just love this quote!
What a remarkable lady Eleanor Roosevelt was. She was the longest serving First Lady in the USA.  She was a politician and a human rights activist.
She didn’t have an easy life.
She had such character and depth.
Hard times tend to grow that in us, eh?!
I think that her quote is profoundly encouraging.
We all have those dreams ..sometimes they can be deeply buried?
Eleanor’s words encourage us to listen, to cherish and to step into our dreams. There is real hope and promise, and ‘future’ in this.
May you take one step today towards your dreams. A small daily step with perseverance is just as valuable as a big leap!
This post for me is part of me stepping into one of my dreams. It is to offer both real food inspiration (around the physical, healthy food that we eat) and ‘soul food’ fodder. I want to encourage as many people as possible while I am on the face of this earth! My movie is to  facilitate real, lasting transformation in people’s lives. One daily step at a time.
Bless your day today!

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