Permission to be the unique you that you are created to be!

Some ‘SOUL FOOD’ thoughts..

I went to my lovely ladies group last week and was given this beautiful daffodil with this wee message on it. There was a flower and note for every person there.


Daffodil - Soul food

I think that the message is really profound. We can spend a lot of time and energy in life trying (often subconsciously) to be like others. We are unique. Our fingerprint is literally unlike anyone else’s on the face of this earth. We have a unique set of giftings. A unique purpose and plan for our lives. Why would we want to try to be like anyone but ourselves?!

Bless your uniqueness and the freedom to be you.

Don’t you just love Spring?
Don’t you just love having good friends?


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Margaret Mason-Battley

Hi - I'm a certified Health Coach, also registered as a comprehensive nurse and midwife. I am trained as a lactation consultant. I have 15 years of experience in adult education. I'm passionate about helping people achieve optimal health through eating delicious wholefoods and living a life that includes the things that energise and inspire. I'm wife to Chris, a fabulous musician, and mother to 3 teens.