Books on health

I have a passion for ongoing learning on the topic of health and wellness! Here is a wee sample of books that I love. As you can see you may well be able to get these at your local library. I encourage you to read and to gather as much information as you can in order to empower you and your family towards greater wellness.

I believe that health information must be strongly evidence-based.
Coming soon on my website: Results of research studies published in peer-reviewed journals.
Meta-analyses. Also long-term, large-scale research by Dr Walter Willett at Harvard.

Here are a few very experienced functional/integrative practitioners. See below. Functional/integrative medical doctors are medically trained and have also done training in identifying and treating the root cause of disease. These doctors are leaders in their field and train other doctors.

N.B: Patients that are on medications for chronic illness (particularly for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease) do need to be under careful medical supervision when they change their diet and lifestyle – including their activity levels. Their medications may need to be adjusted by their doctor. If you have any medical conditions or concerns consult your doctor first.

Dr Mark Hyman

The 10 day detox diet - Dr Mark Hyman

Chairman of the board of the Institute for Functional Medicine USA (IFM).
A wonderful patient educator. Reverses chronic illness in his patients through excellent nutrition.
Dr Hyman is also a real foodie! Author of many books. They have delicious recipes.
His ‘The Blood Sugar Solution – 10 Day Detox Diet’ is excellent. It transitions people onto healthy, whole-food eating. He co-wrote ‘The Daniel Plan – 40 days to a healthier life’. This book is an excellent resource for church communities.

Dr Joel Fuhrman


Dr Fuhrman helps his patients to reverse obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and other chronic illness through a delicious whole-food, plant-strong, nutrient-dense way of eating. Like Dr Hyman, Dr Fuhrman is a true foodie too. Another skilled educator. Author of many books. e.g. ‘Eat to Live’. ‘The End of Dieting’. His bookThe End of Diabetes’ is also well worth a look and a discussion with your doctor about. His ‘Eat to Live Cookbook’ is great too.

Dr Frank Lipman – also identifies the root cause of disease and uses nutrition to help reverse (and  to prevent) illness. Author of some great books. ‘Spent’. ‘Revive’.

Dr Susan Blum
– specialises in auto-immune conditions. Her book ‘The Immune System Recovery Plan’ is a good resource.

Dr Alejandro Junger – 
His books ‘Clean’ and ‘Clean Gut’ are good resources. They focus on restoring optimal gut health (as with many functional medical doctors).

Dr Sara Gottfried - obstetrician and gynaecologist. Specialises in women’s hormones, thyroid health, stress management. Author of ‘The Hormone Cure’.

JJ Virgin – nutrition and fitness expert (not a doctor). Specialises in identifying food intolerances, also eliminating sugar. Author of ‘The Virgin Diet: Drop seven foods, Lose 7 pounds in just 7 days’. This book is a good tool for identifying hidden food sensitivities/intolerances. Her programme is mostly about transitioning people onto a whole-food way of eating for the long-term. Lovely recipes. She has also authored ‘JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet’.


Picture of JJ Virgin's book - drop 7 foods