Individual Health Coaching

Individual health coaching is tailor-made for your unique needs!
Together, we will identify your key goals for wellness, also your core powerful motivations.
With an attitude of collaboration and empowerment, we explore and apply relevant wellness information specific to your situation.

A key component of health coaching is having the accountability to reach your goals.

I delight in offering a 6-month health coaching program for individuals:
Personal wellness goals are achieved in a step-by-step fashion. New healthy habit patterns can be developed for life. Having this time journeying with clients really can consolidate a wonderful lifestyle change that can ‘stick’ long-term.

Your individual program includes…

  • two 75 minute support sessions per month.
    These meetings can be in-person, via phone or Skype.
  • emailed goal summaries each fortnight.
  • texting and email support in-between fortnightly health coaching sessions as needed.
  • My 7-step ‘How to break up with sugar with no tears’ course content.
  • links to informative websites and articles. Relevant books/programs and movies recommended.
  • handouts (electronic) on different nutrition and self-care topics.
  • recipes that are delicious, healthy and simple to prepare.
  • Youtube recipe demonstrations.
  • how to do a pantry ‘makeover’.
  • deliciously healthy, whole food pantry/fridge grocery list.
  • access to a facebook community for support/encouragement/connection.

The benefits of individual health coaching?

‘Rubber meets the road’ practical, educational and emotional support as you work towards your wellness goals. Brainstorming and strategies when you meet ‘road bumps’!
Time to share and to feel heard within health coaching sessions.
Achievement of your individual wellness goals.
These goals may include: Increased energy and productivity, obtaining your optimal weight without dieting or deprivation (and keeping it off long-term), increased immunity, greater life-balance and self-care..
Learning how to save money on your grocery bill.
Significantly broadening your food repertoire with knowledge of how to prepare easy, delicious, nutrient-dense whole foods for your long-term health.
Potentially saving money on health care costs down the track.

Clients learning how to reduce their risk for chronic diet and lifestyle related illness is one of Margaret’s key passions and goals.

Contact me to book a session to clarify your wellness goals. 
There is a small charge of $40 for this 75-minute session. If you decide to go ahead with health coaching with me, this is deducted from your health coaching program cost. I look forward to talking with you.
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