Online Group Courses

I will be launching my..

Health coaching course – as an online format.
Watch this space..


Resources galore! See below for more information.

I am currently putting together my in-person group health coaching course into an online course.
I am planning on creating ‘bite-sized’ video tutorials on how to make all manner of easy, delicious whole foods. I am creating more recipes..

Also gathering many links to other valuable resources.

This is a value-packed online course is designed at helping busy families to transition together to healthier eating and living. The focus is on putting so much delicious, nutrient-dense food into our diets that we don’t even miss the junk food!
A key component of the course is the ‘soul food’ element – looking at the non-food things in life that truly feed us. 

Research shows that if our friends are healthy, we are more likely to be healthy.

If you have friends and/or extended family members that live in different places, you can  connect with them and share the journey together. You can do this from the comfort of your own home. This means no babysitter costs/arrangements, travel etc..


Each group health coaching course will include:

  •  Video tutorial based content: highly accessible and practical, with tools and strategies to help you and your family. Participants are encouraged to work through a topic/step each week with their families. The course content will be available to all family members in a household.
  • Course handouts, video and written recipes, links/resources relevant to each step are provided.

Join with friends + family and enjoy the journey together.

Contact me to register your interest in doing this course.

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