Baked cinnamon apple with vanilla nut cream ‘bling’!

Baked apple and cashew cream

The Ingredients:

This is a superb occasional treat. Relatively low in natural sweetness (compared to other desserts).

Full of flavour, texture..

Serves 5

5 Apples – preferably organic. Buy apples when they are in season in your country.
5 teaspoons of Raisins – organic, and/ or diced dates – preservative-free.
(Use 1 tsp of dried fruit per apple).
Cloves – 2 for each apple (these get removed after baking).
A teaspoon of cinnamon and mixed spice.
Cashew or almond cream made from soaked raw cashews or almonds
(or any other type of delicious nut).. I used walnuts in this dessert..

The ‘How To':

Peel and care your apples.
(You don’t need to peel if your apples are organic – there are nutrients in the skin).

Hydrate the dried fruit if you have time. You can quickly ‘re-hydrate’ the dried fruit first by soaking it in some warm water, then draining it.

Mix the cinnamon and mixed spice into the dried fruit.

Lovingly put the teaspoon of chopped dates or raisins and 2 cloves in the middle of each apple.

Bake in the oven on a moderate heat for about 20 mins.
I like mine to still be a bit crunchy.

To make the nut cream:

Soaked raw cashews – 1 cup
OR Soaked almonds.
Pure vanilla the seeds from one pod or a couple of teaspoons of pure (real) vanilla essence.
A tiny bit of date or a little stevia to sweeten the cream. Doesn’t need much – 2 pitted dates..

Garnish with some soaked raw nuts – any type and a sprinkle of cinnamon and mixed spice.

Enjoy! Remember to not eat the whole cloves but to put them aside
when you discover them while eating!

A wee note:

Portion sizes/ amounts are important when it comes to not spiking our
blood sugar levels
 too far upwards.

1 apple each person.. really hits the spot..
The skin on the apple, the nut cream and whole nuts add healthy fat and fibre
that also help to moderate the effect of this yummy dessert on our blood sugar levels.

Baked apples with cashew cream

SO Yum.

Lovely cold too.

Baked apple and cashew cream


Margaret Mason-Battley

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