A Green Juice With Attitude + Tips On Juicing


3. Immune boosting green juice


This wonderful vegetable juice ‘with attitude’ is one of my favourites.
This juice really does have attitude, in that the ginger and garlic gives it a bit of a kick. It warms the mouth and throat and energises the body. This easy juice has plenty of phytonutrients – antioxidants and enzymes to boost your immunity. Great for wintertime. Great for anytime of the year!


The best of the best is using organic ingredients. Or just spray-free is OK too. See below for more thoughts on this.
This recipe makes juice for one person. Feel free to double, triple the ingredients if you have more people to ‘feed’.

2 big bunches of fresh, well washed raw spinach
1 apple
1 carrot
A piece of fresh, raw ginger half the length of your thumb in size
1 medium sized clove of raw garlic
About 1/2 cup of filtered water – or more to your taste.
1/2 a lemon (optional)

You could add other green leafy vegetables as well. Go with what is in season and fresh. Feel free to be creative. You absolutely can ‘taste and tweak ingredients’ as you go to suit your palate. A handful of fresh herbs can be a wonderful taste and health boost. Cilantro/coriander…basil…the sky is the limit.

After juicing, you could mix in a little spirulina for even more goodness.

‘How to':

If not using organic / spray-free vegetables and fruit, peel them first. If organic, keep the skins on.
To make the spinach easier to wash, separate the spinach into its individual leaves. Do this by chopping the very ends of the bunches. Use all of the stalks – don’t waste these!
Throw all of your ingredients into a large bowl or pot. Fill with cold water (preferably filtered) and quickly wash well. Drain. Good not to leave the greens sitting in the water as they can lose their nutrients.

Add the water and mix.


Some more thoughts on juicing and our health + money saving tips..

Using fresh, organic produce is my first choice. Spray-free would be my second choice, also better than ‘conventionally’ grown produce. However… most of us aren’t eating enough vegetables! When this is the case, the first priority is to get the wonderful nutrients in – organic or not. As you increase your vegetable intake (via juicing and eating) it is great to source more organic, and spray-free produce. Farmers markets are great for this. Joining a collective in your community and purchasing at wholesale prices is fantastic. Growing our own organic vegetables is the freshest option and can be the absolute cheapest – a bit like printing money!

Let’s all ask at our supermarkets and everywhere we shop, for more fresh, seasonal, organic and spray free produce! Our collective spending dollar is surprisingly powerful. I feel that a revolution in our food supply could happen if enough people started to assertively ‘vote’ with their dollar. Exciting.

The environmental working group give guidance on what vegetables and fruit have the least and the most pesticides and herbicides. Their clean fifteen, and dirty dozen can guide you in what you decide to buy organic or not. e.g apples, celery, cucumbers, spinach, kale, collard greens are best to buy spray-free / organic if possible.

If you juice regularly, it is a wonderful thing to vary the type of vegetables that you put in your juices. This helps us to get the maximum possible nutrients from different foods.
e.g. Instead of having spinach every time you juice, add many other types of vegetables.

Green vegetable collage

When we juice, the fibre is removed. This means that the nutrients can be really quickly absorbed by our bodies. I can literally feel a ‘boost’ within about 15 minutes of drinking a green juice!

It is really important, to not have too much fruit in your juices. Too much fruit will rocket your blood sugar levels upwards which is not good for our health. Being aware of the sweet vegetables is important too. e.g. carrots and beetroot are good to have in moderation. A really good principle is to not ‘drink’ more pieces of fruit (or sweet vegetables) than you would normally eat in one sitting. A very good explanation around not juicing and drinking too many pieces of fruit at one time, is in the wonderful movie ‘That Sugar Film’ by Damon Gadeau. I recommend this movie.

Speaking of the fibre.. I really don’t like throwing any food away! I like to keep the fibre from juicing and put it into soups and casseroles. Fibre has many wonderful benefits for our health.

The fibre from juicing

What type of juicer is best?

Slow juicers compress the fruit and vegetables in a sedate sort of a way and this apparently reduces the oxidation of the juice.

Our juicer

Fast juicers are OK though too. I’ve seen these at second-hand shops and online for next to nothing. Well worth keeping an eye out for buying one this way if on a tight budget.

Ideally great to drink green juices within about 20 minutes for maximum goodness, however you can take these with you when you are out and about. Put your juice into a screw top jar with a well-sealing lid. Storing in a fridge or wee chilli bag while you are out is great if you can do this. Green juices can make a great energy drink. A super-healthy alternative to coffee, tea, soda, and other drinks while going about life. You might want to skip on the garlic…and add other inspiring ingredients instead to avoid any garlic breath!

Immune boosting green juice to go

I think that it is wonderful to drink green vegetable juice and to also eat a wide variety of plant-based, real, whole foods with an intentionality for building wellness for ourselves and our families. In society, we currently have a paradigm of sickness care, we collectively need to shift our focus onto prevention and wellness.
What are your thoughts? Feel free to share below..

Bless your wellness.




Margaret Mason-Battley

Hi - I'm a certified Health Coach, also registered as a comprehensive nurse and midwife. I am trained as a lactation consultant. I have 15 years of experience in adult education. I'm passionate about helping people achieve optimal health through eating delicious wholefoods and living a life that includes the things that energise and inspire. I'm wife to Chris, a fabulous musician, and mother to 3 teens.

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